About Our Company

Junk metal and appliances can pose many threats to the area surrounding them. They are unsightly and can transform a beautiful landscape into a trashy looking junkyard. In addition to being aesthetically displeasing, when left to rust in yards, wooded areas, and open spaces. Junk metal can damage the environment by leaking toxic fluids into groundwater. Abandoned metal and automobiles can also encourage more illegal dumping, which only makes the hazardous cycle continue. Call us today to haul it away!

Haul It Away ...Need Cleanup? We can Move it For You!

Why leave your junk metal behind just to harm the landscape and poison surrounding natural resources when you can call Junker Joe Hauling Only to haul away your scrap? Instead of letting that metal sit around, we transform that junk into a resource that provides money to a nonprofit organization, or we recycle it into a new product to benefit the environment.
Service Truck - garbage hauling and cleanup in pinellas park, FL
Whether you have an old refrigerator or debris sitting in the yard, our rubbish removal company will haul it away so you don't have to worry about it. In addition, our team even cleans up the area around the scrap to prevent any damage to the surrounding landscape. With Junker Joe Hauling Only, there's no need for dumpsters, containers, or laborers. All you need is a phone!
Contact our rubbish removal company from Pinellas Park, Florida, when you need your scrap removed.