Garbage Hauling and Cleanup in Pinellas County

When unused junk and garbage take up valuable space on your property, it brings down the property value and potentially monetizing the area is just not possible. Call Junker Joe Hauling to inquire about our affordable garbage hauling and cleanup services.

What Scrap Metal Does to Soil and Groundwater

Dumping your garbage in your yard not only creates an unpleasant sight, but can also leak dangerous chemicals into the soil and ground water, poisoning the area. Junk metal pollutes soil and can affect how your grass, flowers and trees grow as it changes the pH levels in the soil. With these potential hazards, you need an environmentally friendly and safe alternative means of disposing of unwanted junk. If you are using part of your property to collect junk metal and other materials for recycling, let Junker Joe Hauling help you recycle your scrap metal on a regular basis to reduce soil and groundwater pollution.

We also do demolition clean up. We clean up your yard from unwanted debris, like old household furnishing, personal electronics, yard waste scrap-wood and metal call now for questions on other items, we do it all Give us a call!

Turning Junk into Hope

Before leaving your property, our friendly professionals clean up the area around the site, restoring your property to its natural beauty. Junker Joe Hauling donates all the usable goods to charities, recycles what we can, and safely disposes of everything else.
At Junker Joe Hauling, our idea is simple. We offer fast and efficient garbage hauling services to remove junk from your property. You get a clean canvas so that life and productivity can be imagined and achieved. Most removals can usually be done the same day. Our team always caters to your busy schedule.